Apply a credit to an invoice

On the desktop app, you can apply a credit that was issued to your customer towards an invoice as a payment of the invoice.
  1. From the Main Screen, select Invoices
  2. Select the Credit tab.
  3. Select New Credit
  4. Select the customer
  5. Select an item and enter a description and price for the amount of the credit.
  6. Close the Credit Screen.

The credit will apply towards the customer balance to reduce the amount owed by the customer, but it will not yet apply to any specific invoice. To close any open invoice, create a payment and apply the credit as part of the payment.

To apply the credit as a payment to an invoice
  1. From the Main Screen select Payments
  2. Select New Payment
  3. Select the customer
  4. Select a payment method (you can select Cash, and leave Amount received at 0)
  5. Click Select credits to use (in the Credit to Apply section)
  6. In the Apply Now column, enter the amount of the credit you would like to apply towards the open invoice(s)
  7. Close the Available credits to use window
  8. In the Apply to invoices section, enter the amount to apply toward any invoices in the Apply Now column.
  9. Close the Payment window.
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