How do I receive copies of the invoices I send?

You can choose an email address that will receive a blind carbon copy of every email.
Please note that if you are using Gmail, it may not appear in your Inbox, but it will appear in your Sent Mail.

Android/BlackBerry 10

1.       From the main screen, touch Settings on the menu bar.
2.       Select Your Companies.
3.       Select a company. You can set a different BCC email address for each of your companies.
4.       Enter an email address for BCC Invoice to (for invoices, estimates and credits) BCC Receipt to, and BCC
Statement to
5.        To send to multiple email address, enter each email address separated by a comma (,).
6.       To save your changes, touch the checkmark.

Windows PC

1.       Click  Settings to open the  System Settings menu.
2.       Click  Companies.
3.       In the field labeled Send Invoice BCC (in the Email Setup section), enter the email address that will receive a blind carbon copy of all invoices or receipts.
4.       To save your changes, click  Close.

BlackBerry OS 7 or older

This feature can only be set from your Windows PC, BlackBerry 10 or Android device.
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