Customize email format

Street Invoice offers two formats for the body of the email when you send an invoice or any other document to your customer. See a description of each of these formats below. They both include the PDF version as an attachment. 

To set your preferred option:

Use the Windows Desktop PC version of Street Invoice:
  1. Select Settings.
  2. Select Preferences
  3. In the section named Invoice / Estimate Email Preferences, select your preference.


Displays the basic information about your invoice.
For example:


Invoice Summary
From: MZ Enterprises
Number: 1017
Date: 2014/05/14
Client: John Adams
Total: 33.40
Paid: 0.00
Balance Due: 33.40

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The detailed invoice is attached as a PDF.

Thank you!

Full Invoice

The full invoice is displayed in a graphical format within the body of the email.
A PDF version of the invoice is included as well.
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