View invoices

1. Search

Tap to begin searching. Results will appear as you type. Tap Advanced Search to search within invoices.

2. Switch to Condensed View

Revert to the classic condensed view to display more invoices on screen. Tap to switch back

3. Create New

Create a new Invoice

4. Browse by Status

These tabs help you browse invoices based on their status.

5. Sent Status

The envelope icon indicates that the invoice has been sent. It will disappear if the invice has been edited after sending.

6. Invoice Status

This status is based on payments you apply to the invoice

7. Invoice Count

Total number of invoices in the current view (excludes invoices not shown due to an applied filter).

8. Totals

Shows the total of all invoices in view. Tap to show balance due from all invoices in view.
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