How do I apply a payment to an invoice?



From an invoice

1.       When viewing your invoice, touch Add Payment.

2.       Enter the payment details. (Include the payment method such as Cash or Check, and the payment amount.)

3.       Touch the checkmark icon at the upper right.

4.       Touch Save to record the payment and apply it to the invoice.

From a payment

  1. Tap Select Invoices
  2. Enter the amount you would like to apply to the invoice
  3. Go back to the main payment screen and tap the Checkmark to save the payment

Windows PC

In the Windows edition, you can apply portions of a payment to multiple invoices.

1.       While viewing your payment, select the invoice to which you would like to apply the payment.

2.       In the Applied Now column, enter the amount that you would like to apply to this invoice.

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