How do I add another company brand?

Street Invoice supports multiple companies, each with its own contact information and logo.
Please note: All companies operate with the same account, so, customer balances and history are shared across companies. Use the company brands feature to give a unique brand identity to each of your companies.

Android/BlackBerry 10

1.       From the main screen, touch Settings on the menu bar.
2.       Select Your Companies.
3.       Touch the plus sign to add a new company.
4.       Enter the company details, which will appear on all invoices, estimates, receipts and statements for this company.
5.       Tap the checkmark to save this company.
6.       Return to Settings and select Sync from the menu to begin using your new company.

Windows PC

1.       Click  Settings to open the System Settings menu.
2.       Click  Companies.
3.       To add a new Company, click  New.
4.       Enter the company name. This name will appear on all invoices, estimates, receipts, and statements for this company.
5.       In the  Address and Phone sections, enter the contact information for the new company.
6.       In the Email Setup section, enter the email address that should appear in the "From" field of the invoices you send with Street Invoice. You can also set up an email address to receive a blind carbon copy of all invoices and receipts.
7.       To save your changes, click  Close.

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