Referral Program FAQ

How do I earn rewards for referring friends to Street Invoice?

Get a $10 credit towards Street Invoice service for each friend who you invite to Street Invoice. When your friend signs up for an account, and selects a premium plan for 2 months, you will receive a $10 credit towards your Street Invoice service.

Where can I find the status of the invitations I've sent out for referrals?

You can track the status of your referrals from the "Get Free Service" section under Settings > Manage My Street Invoice Plan.
From the main screen of the Street Invoice application:
1. Select Settings
2. Select Manage my Street Invoice Plan
3. Select Get Free Service.

What do each of the referral statuses mean?

Email Sent  means that your friend has been invited to use Street Invoice but hasn't registered yet.
Trial Sign Up means they have registered but not yet joined Street Invoice Basic or Pro
Eligible plan means that your friend has joined an eligible plan, but has not yet used Street Invoice for 2 months.
Available means that you have earned you bonus month of free Street Invoice. Your reward will be applied at your next invoice date.
Used means that you have already redeemed the free month of service you earned.
Ineligible means that this referral is ineligible for the referral program. Either they have already registered an account with Street Invoice, or have not used the referral link that you have provided them. If your friend signed up for a plan but has canceled, they will also be ineligible.

Will I still get credit if my friend signs up using a different email address?

You can still get free Street Invoice service if your friend signs up with a different email address than the one you sent the invitation to.
For you to get your free months of Street Invoice service, your friend needs to use the link you sent to sign up for Street Invoice.
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