What are credits and refunds?


Why create a Credit?

  • You would usually create a credit for the same or lower amount than an invoice, and then refund the money to your customer, or sometimes apply it as part of payment towards an invoice.
  • You can create an invoice in case of returns, incomplete, damaged, or incorrect goods, errors, or allowances, if the customer overpaid or was over-charged.
  • You can use a credit to correct an invoice that has already been sent to your customer. If you have already sent an invoice to a customer but now need to provide a credit for that invoice, you would send them a credit. You can think of a credit note as a "negative invoice." 
  • A credit will reduce the balance that a customer may owe from other invoices. 

What does a Credit contain?

  • A credit lists the items, quantities, and set prices you billed your customer for, but the customer returned or did not receive. 
  • Usually, you would refer to the original Invoice in the credit and sometimes you would state the reason for issuing the credit, in the Note section.


  • A refund indicates that money was reimbursed to the customer.
  • This will increase the customer's balance.

Requires Enterprise subscription

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