Create an invoice

  1. From the Street Invoice Home Screen, touch Invoice.
  2. Touch + (plus sign) to begin creating a new Invoice
  3. Select the customer for this invoice. Touch the plus sign on the Customers screen to add a new customer. The new customer will automatically be selected for this invoice
  4. Tap Add Item
  5. Select an Item from the Item list.
  6. If the Item you'd like to use is not on the list, you can add a new item by touching on the plus sign.
  7. Enter a description if you'd like. (This is a good place to add details of the work done.)
  8. Enter a quantity.
  9. Enter the price.
  10. Select if the item is Taxable. (The Item will be displayed on screen with (T) next to the item code.)
  11. Save the invoice
    To Save the Invoice, (and send it, if Send Invoice is checked) be sure to touch Save or Save & Send.
    If you do not touch Save, your invoice and any changes you made will be lost, (and the invoice will not be sent).
For more details, see the in depth article:
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