VOICE Pricing

Street Invoice offers pay-as-you-go pricing for VOICE services.

Every statement sent via Postal Mail costs $2 USD.  This includes the price of printing, envelopes and postage.

Note: Prices subject to change.

How does billing work?

If you want to use Street Invoice VOICE service, you'll need to upgrade to a paid Street Invoice account and then add funds to your VOICE account.

When you use VOICE, we'll bill your VOICE account balance for any activity.

Once you turn on VOICE for your Street Invoice account, we'll debit your account balance based on your usage, and when your balance drops below the threshold you choose we'll charge your credit card on file, to bring up your available balance.

Your credit card will be charged automatically if your balance falls to $0, or your pre-defined threshold.

NOTE: If your balance drops below $0 and we're unable to charge the credit card on file, VOICE activity will be waiting in a queue until the credit card information is updated (for a maximum of 3 days).
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