Invoice Terms & Due Date

The due date is set based on the invoice terms. You can also set a manual due date.
To set the invoice terms:

  • From the invoice detail screen, tap  Invoice Options
  • Select the Terms
  • You can also set the due date manually.
  • Tap the checkmark and save the invoice to save your changes

When an invoice is past due, it will be displayed in the Overdue tab, and with a red OVERDUE label.

You can customize the available invoice term options.


  1. Select Settings and then Manage System Lists
  2. Select Terms
  3. Tap the + to add new Terms, or tap an existing to edit it.
  4. Enter a description and the number of days for payment due.
  5. Tap the checkmark to save.

Windows PC

  • From the Main Menu, select Settings.
  • Select Invoice Terms (in the Invoice section).
  • Click New to create new invoice terms.
  • Close the window to save your changes.
  • Select Sync from the menu on your mobile device for the changes to take effect.
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