Invoice Terms & Due Date

The due date is set based on the invoice terms. (In version 1.7 & higher, you can also set a manual due date.)
To set the invoice terms:
  • From the invoice detail screen, tap  Invoice Options
  • Select the Terms (under the Miscellaneous section in version 1.6 or earlier)
  • You can also set the due date manually (version 1.7 & higher only).
  • Tap the checkmark and save the invoice to save your changes
When an invoice is past due, on version 1.7 or higher it will be display in the Overdue tab, and with a  red OVERDUE label.

You can customize the available invoice term options.


  1. Select Settings and then Manage System Lists
  2. Select Terms
  3. Tap the + to add new Terms, or tap an existing to edit it.
  4. Enter a description and the number of days for payment due.
  5. Tap the checkmark to save.

Windows PC

  • From the Main Menu, select Settings.
  • Select Invoice Terms (in the Invoice section).
  • Click New to create new invoice terms.
  • Close the window to save your changes.
  • Select Sync from the menu on your mobile device for the changes to take effect.
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