How do I mark an invoice as Paid?

An invoice is considered paid if payment has been applied to it in full.

You can apply a partial payment to an invoice, however, in this case, it will not be marked as paid.

On your mobile device, there are two ways you can apply a payment to an invoice 

From the Invoice
1. Open the invoice you’d like to mark as paid.
2. Select Add Payment
3. Enter the payment details.
4. Save the payment and save the invoice, to record the payment and apply it to the invoice.

From the Payment screen
1. Make a payment through the Payment screen.
2. Press Select Invoices.
3. Apply it to the invoice of your choice and press Done.
4. On the Payment screen press save and the invoice will be marked as paid.

The Windows desktop version of Street Invoice provides more options to apply payments:

  • Apply existing payments to an invoice.
  • Apply a payment to multiple invoices
  • Partially apply a payment to an invoice.
  • Un-apply payments.

Note: In the Invoice Options, you can mark the Status of an Invoice as Paid. This option is provided for your convenience. However, it does not affect the customer’s balance, and the invoice will still be displayed in a Statement, until full payment has been applied to the invoice.

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