How do I remove someone who is no longer a customer?

If you created a customer in Street Invoice that you no longer use, you can make the customer inactive and the customer will no longer appear in your customer list.

Android/BlackBerry 10

1.       Open the Customer by selecting it from the Customer list.
2.       Switch to Edit mode by touching the  Pencil Icon
3.       Scroll towards the bottom of the screen, and un-check  Active.
4.       To view inactive customers, tap  ALL on the menu bar of the customer list, to toggle between viewing all customers, or active customers only.

Windows PC

1.       Open the Customer from the customer list. (Select the customer and click  Edit Customer.)
2.       Click the  Settings tab.
3.       Uncheck the  Customer Active checkbox.
4.       To view inactive customers, use the  Active setting in the top section of the customer list.

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