Setup VOICE Statements

How to enable:

  1. From the Settings Screen, select VOICE.

  2. In the Monthly Statements section, select your preference:

    1. On - Sends to all customers, unless you selected Off in the customer's settings.

    2. Off - Disables monthly Postal Mail statements

    3. For selected Customers only - Statements will be sent to customers based on their individual setting

  3. Enter the day of the month to send automatic statements.

  4. Set a minimum customer balance required for Street Invoice to send an automatic monthly statement.

To set the preference for an individual customer:

  1. Select the Customer from the Customer List and select Edit.

  2. Select the Send Options tab.

  3. In the Send via Post Mail section. select your preference:

    1. On (Will send  if the VOICE setting is set to Selected only or On

    2. Default (will only send if the VOICE setting for monthly statements is set to On.

    3. Off (will not receive statements, regardless of VOICE setting)..

  4. Ensure the customer has a valid US Postal address.

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