Australian Superannuation

You can use the Discounts feature of Street Invoice to deduct superannuation from your invoices.


1. Change the Discount Label

  1. On the desktop version of Street Invoice, select Settings
  2. Select Preferences. and click Edit
  3. In the Printing Options section, set the Discount Label to "9.5% Super" or similar.

2. Set a your superannuation discount

Android/BB 10

  1. Select Settings.
  2. Select Manage System Lists
  3. Select Discounts
  4. Tap the + to add a new discount.
  5. Enter the discount name as "9.5% Super" or similiar
  6. Select % as the discount type and enter the rate.
  7. Tap the checkmark to Save.

Apply to invoice

Android/BB 10

  1. When creating an invoice, select Invoice Options (the button with sliders on the top bar).
  2. In the Discounts section, select the "9.5% Super" promotion.
  3. Tap the checkmark to set the invoice options.
  4. You'll see the amount as a "Discount" within the app, but it will appear as "9.5% Super" on PDF invoices.
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