Start Accepting Credit Cards

Setup credit card account

  • From the main screen select Settings
  • Select Payment Gateways
  • Select Connect with Stripe.
  • Set up your Stripe account or log in to your existing Stripe account.

Note: You may receive an email from Stripe. Use the link in your email to activate your newly created Stripe account.

How to charge Your customer's credit card in the app.

  • Create a new payment, and select Credit Card as the Payment Method.
  • Enter the amount you want to charge.
  • Apply the payment to an invoice or choose to have it auto applied.
  • Click on the "Enter Credit Card Info" button.
  • Enter the credit card information or press the "Scan" button to to scan the card.
  • Check off the "Save Card" box to save this customer's credit card for future payments.
  • Press "Pay" and you're done.


For your customers to pay you directly online

  • They simply click on the link attached in the invoice
  • The payment will immediately be reflected in the app.


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