How do I add a new user to my account? (with VIDEO)

Street Invoice is multi-user and allows multiple users to access the same account.
This requires Street Invoice Enterprise + Add-ons for additional users. See for details.
Your entire team shares the same Account code, and has access to the same data.
Each user has their own user name, password, and they could use their own login on their device.

First, add the required amount of users:

  1. From within Street Invoice, select Settings.
  2. Select Manage my Street Invoice Plan
  3. Select Choose a Plan
  4. Select Enterprise
  5. Select the number of users you need.
  6. Select Next and complete the payment information.

Second, setup the user accounts:

  1. To add another user, use the desktop edition of Street Invoice.
  2. From the Main Screen, select Settings
  3. Click User List
  4. Click New
  5. Enter User Details
  6. Enter a user name and password.
  7. Click Save User.
  8. The new user can now log in from their device. They will need the account code, their user name and password.

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